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The Law Office of Jackson F. Gorski

1800 Lavaca St 109
Austin, TX 78701
United States
512-960-4646 (Main Phone)
Are you having legal issues in criminal defense, Expungement, Felony, Misdemeanor, Jail release, Landlord or Tenant conflict and Consumer Protection to resolve yet you don’t know the right Attorney to seek? Moreover, are you a puzzled resident of Texas, Travis County or it’s environs concerning your actual legal position? Worry no more cause I am about to introduce you to Austin Criminal Defence Attorneys who will give you the best legal advice and representation that you’ve never witnessed before. For any legal problem just rush to The Law Office of Jackson F. Gorski.
Who is Jackson F. Gorski?
He is a criminal defense Lawyer. So far, He has a 3 year license as an Attorney. He decided to undertake a law profession because he wanted to assist people who undergoing the Complex Labyrinth which in other words is the American Legal system.
He is personate about his legal profession and he is always devoted to giving the best legal representation to his clients. As an Attorney, he perfectly understands the two sides of a story nortion and appreciates it. In addition he acknowledges the fact that each client will always have their personal life story to conceal. To get useful information from his clients that are necessary for winning the cases, he always work on developing a meaningful relationship with the clients. Also, he always give a listening ear to them in order to get their perspectives so that he can beastly represent them in the court of law. He always believes that anybody charged with whatever kind of crime deserves the best legal representation regardless of their financial position.
Moreover, he is also an assigned counsel in Austin and Travis county through the CAPDS. The moment you pick him as your Attorney, you are guaranteed of getting aggressive advocacy in your case. He is always ready to challenge any existing evidence in order to fight for you.
What legal services to seek?
The law office of Jackson F. Gorski avails a wide range of legal services to any
prospective who’s in need of the above services:

● Family law
● Drug offenses
● Sex related crimes
● Theft offenses● All felony offenses
● Parole and probation related crimes
● Criminal defense
● Criminal record sealing
● Jail release services
● DUI, DWI and Drunk Driving
● Cocaine possession
● All misdemeanor cases
● Juvenile criminal defense
Are you a student or a Juvenile seeking criminal defence services
Austin, Texas being blessed with numerous colleges and universities such as Austin Community College, The University of Texas, Concordia University-Texas,St. Edward’s University and Strayer University-Texas, this state houses several thousands of students. These students being the future leaders and professionals, any criminal charge on them will mean darkening their bright future. Moreover when these, students falls victim of crime arrest and conviction most of their learning institution are always made to come up with an unilateral decision of expelling them and hence putting their future profession undertakes at stake.
Law office of Jackson F. Gorski cares for the future of such students and hence will always ready to defend to nail and teeth such students and Juvenile regardless of the kind of crime that are allegedly accused of. We protect minor charges like marijuana possession, Driving while intoxicated crimes by minors and Minors in Possession of Alcohol. In addition to those mere charges, we also advocate for students who are charged with serious felonies date raping crime together with acting as a counsel to learners who face hearings at UT linked with violation of the set code of conducts. To any student who will fall victim to those, we are just a phone call away.

How to Contacts to his office
The Law office of Jackson F. Gorski

3300 North IH-35, 7th floor

Austin, TX 78705


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