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ID# 130341

ATS Attic Cleaning Services

6795 Stanton Ave #B1
Buena Park, CA 90621
United States
800-667-7611 (Main Phone)
ATS Attic Cleaning Service offers a complete solution to your rodent and wildlife nuisance needs. We employ a team of experts that know and understand how to handle rats, rodents, raccoons, opossums, skunks, birds, and all other wildlife that have intruded into your home.

Rats and rodents are one of the filthiest animals known to humankind. Rodents are due to their small size; they are very sneaky and can enter a home that is not adequately sealed or have a lot of entry points that they can access. Once in your home, these nuisances often lead their way into the attic where they are safe and secure. Rat infested attics can lead to hazardous contamination of insulation from feces and urine. It is crucial that if rodents are residing in the attic to immediately take action to prevent any health hazards that they can bring into your home.

An increase in new real estate development has diminished living space for wildlife such as raccoons, opossums, birds, skunks, etc.. This has caused these wild animals to explore into cities as a place for a food source and new habitation. Sighting of raccoons or other wild animals was once rare in urban neighborhoods, but not anymore. To fend for themselves, they often go into home attics or crawlspace as a place of security. Often they will go into home attics to deliver babies and raise their young. Animals living in the attic can cause massive contamination and damage if not tended to on time. It's best that when you suspect or are hearing loud noises coming from the ceiling to contact a professional to determine if you have an animal living in it.

To learn more about rodent and wildlife control and attic contamination clean up call the experts at ATS Attic Cleaning Services at 800-667-7611.

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