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ID# 161469

One Page Hosting

Lincoln, NE 68505
United States
Title: One Page Hosting

Price: $6.00

You save 60% ($9.00) off the Retail Price of $15.00

Hosting Options:
* 1 months
* 3 months (+ $ 2.50)
* 6 months (+ $ 5.00)
* 12 months (+ $ 10.00)

Monthly Hosting for a single page:

If you have a splash page you need to host somewhere. If you have a product you want others to download with a simple link. If you do not know how to do this and want us to do it for you, then you need One Page Hosting.

You can do a single page for one month, if you are just testing a new link out. Or, if it is a link/page you want active for six months or a year, you can save money on longer time periods.

The longer the hosting period the cheaper the cost per month:

1 month hosting costs $6.00
3 Month Hosting costs $8.50 That comes to $2.84 per month
6 Month Hosting costs $11.00 That comes to $1.83 per month
12 Month Hosting costs $16.00 That comes to $1.33 per month

Once you place your order I will contact you for specifics regarding how we can best service your Hoisting needs.

When you are satisfied with your product hosting your order will be marked complete. Until then refunds are available at your request.

For more information please visit us.
If you have any questions let me know. I am your TripleClicks Sales Representative.

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