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ID# 149998

Bearded Bantam Silkies DNA Sexed Female Chicks for Sale

Memphis, TN 38120
United States
Over its 38 year history, Amber Waves has produced award-winning bearded bantam silkie chickens highly sought after for breeding, showing, and family pet purposes.
Amber Waves has high quality affordable female silkie chicks, female silkie chicks - Coop Ready, Coop ready silkies 5-7 months, straight run chicks occasionally available and FREE male silkie chicks.
We sell white, blue, black, buff, splash, partridge, and paint colored silkie chicks year-round, all of which are of the highest quality and health.
Shipping weather permitting, Available year-round, NPIP Certified, Mareks Vaccinated, 5-star breeder Lifetime Support.
Amber Waves ships silkie chickens that are at least one month of age continental US. Visitors are welcome at Amber Waves by appointment, and customers may pick up chicks younger than one month during their visit.
To purchase bearded bantam silkie chickens from Amber Waves and for more information on the breed in general visit https://buysilkiechicks.com Or call/text 951-736-1076
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