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Cellular Energy and Health!

Council Bluffs , IA 51503
United States
There is one simple daily thing you could be doing to increase your cellular energy and promote long-term health. Whether you are a competitive athlete wanting maximum performance, or a student wanting to get an edge in the competitive academic landscape, or just an average health conscious person like me who wants to have optimal health for an energetic and vibrant future, this is for you.

Too many of us don’t take the proper steps to take care of our health until it’s too late. It’s a scary thing to think about how we are in the midst of a global health crisis, where more people are affected by chronic disease than ever before.

Examples of chronic diseases include heart disease, cancer, diabetes, stroke chronic respiratory disease like asthma, and a big one that can lead to many others – obesity. Do you know someone who has one of these chronic diseases or are personally affected?

The good news is that science has pointed to a solution. Leading health authorities like the CDC, World Health Organization, and National Cancer Institute to name a few, all agree on the key to preventing chronic disease and promoting health: It’s crazy simple! A combination of weight management, physical activity, and a diet rich in the whole food nutrients found in whole grains, fruits & vegetables, & fish.

Sounds easy right?
I thought so too. But then I realized just how much of these nutrients they are recommending. That would bust my bank account, not to mention the button on my favorite jeans. 5-7 servings of whole grains, 9-13 servings of colorful fruits & veggies, plus omega 3 rich fish every single day!
I mean, let’s be real… who can actually eat all that every day?! And if this is recommended for a healthy person to sustain their good health, can you imagine what they might say for someone who is sick.

NeoLife’s Scientific Advisory Board is made up to world renowned scientists and nutritionists. The man who founded the Scientific Advisory Board was Dr. Arthur Furst. He was a pioneer in toxicology & cancer research and actually developed the first oral chemotherapy and the technology behind it is still used with all treatments today. He was so passionate about nutrition and supplementation because he realized that after the body goes through something as brutal but necessary as chemotherapy, it needs to be built back up and protected.

He chose to partner with NeoLife because of a shared dedication to delivering the best nature has to offer with quality, purity and potency, backed by leading edge science. That’s the basis of our product philosophy – based in nature and backed by science.

Members of our SAB put their reputations behind each and every product we offer. The SAB identified a problem: It’s virtually impossible to get the nutrition we need from our diets.

That’s why NeoLife’s SAB has used its over 5 decades of research and expertise, from some of the world’s most renowned & accomplished scientists, to create a solution to this problem. It’s Pro Vitality. This is nutrition that offers concentrated amounts of exactly what leading health authorities are recommending. Nutrients from whole grains, fruits & veggies, and fish, are what helps bridge the gap between diet and nutrition.

Tre-en-en was NeoLife’s first product, which was developed for a hospital research study on a disorder known as chronic fatigue. This product is as revolutionary today as it was in 1958, when NeoLife first opened it’s doors. Tre-en-en is essential for cellular membrane health & cellular energy. Here you see what happens when our cells don’t get the proper whole grain nutrients they need. Nutrients can’t get in and waste can’t get out. But with Tre-en-en your cells can be their best, giving you energy and vitality.

You might be thinking something like “I don’t need this because I eat whole grain bread”. But the scary truth is that modern food processing strips out these essential nutrients in order to increase shelf life. So it is very difficult to get them in our diet!!

Let’s talk about a proven performance from Tre-en-en
Let me ask you a question… if you found a product that would make your car go 50% further on every tank of gas (petrol), would you use it? Well, that’s what Tre-en-en does for your body! It makes all the nutrients we take in, whether through diet or supplementation, work much better. It was proven in a study conducted at Texas A&M University to increase nutrient utilization efficiency as well as other health benefits.

The next product in Pro Vitality is Carotenoid Complex, which is phytonutrients from colorful fruits & veggies to protect your cells, and optimize immunity. Fun fact: every box of Pro Vitality has the carotenoid power of over 80lbs raw fruits & veggies! I promise it does not weigh that much!

Also Clinically Proven - study conducted by USDA & CDC researchers. Shown to boost immune capacity by 37% in just 20 days! It’s also shown to protect heart health. This product is so unique it was patented!

The next supplement in Pro Vitality is Omega-III Salmon Oil Plus. It contains Omega-3 fatty acids from Atlantic Salmon. It promotes heart health, youthful brain function, healthy flexible joints, healthy eyes, and fetal eye & brain development. It is screened for over 200 potential contaminants, with an allowable detection limit of ZERO. So you can feel safe recommending this to your loved ones. Unlike others, Our product also has All 8 omega-3s found in fish. Most have one, maybe two if you are lucky. The reason this is so important is that studies showing the benefits of omega-3s use people eating real fish for their research and in real fish you find all 8!

It is also clinically proven in an 8 week study – to be bioavailable, cardio protective, and to balance inflammation - in just 8 weeks to reduced triglycerides by 17%, which is an indicator of heart health, and also lowered inflammatory index by 68%! More than two thirds… isn’t that powerful! And we know that chronic inflammation leads to chronic disease.

The 4th and final supplement in Pro Vitality is the essential vitamin and mineral complex which nourishes your cells and bridges the gap between diet and nutrition. It also has iron that has been shown to increase the ability of red blood cells to carry oxygen… so you feel vitality and this is especially important for athletes for endurance.

Our products are based in nature and backed by science. That means products that you can feel great about sharing with your loved ones because we use only the finest ingredients nature has to offer and back that up with leading edge science from some of the world’s most renowned and respected scientists and nutrition experts.

Pro Vitality is your solution for daily vitality! It is based on the science of cellular nutrition, which everybody needs because as humans we are all made up of trillions of cells. And whether we are big or small or young or old or an athlete or student or just average health conscious person, we all need this! And it is power packed! You get the nutrient equivalent of 35lbs of whole grains, 80lbs of raw fruits & veggies, and 10 servings of Omega-3 rich fish, in every box!

NeoLife offers very affordable products, without ever compromising on quality.

If you are ready for cellular energy and health, then consider joining our NeoLife Club!

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All NeoLife Nutritionals are available through our NeoLife Club. (Certain products may vary or not be available in Canada)

Join today, and take advantage of all the benefits available to you as a member of the NeoLife Club!

See my listing ‘Joining the NeoLife Club for USA and Canada’, for more information about the club.

It’s Time to Be Your Best!

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