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ID# 106210

Christopher Rantila

Portland, OR 98204
United States
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Christopher Rantila
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Christopher Rantila
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Christopher Rantila's full body workout regimen with his new under armor gear is called the “split body strength-training” workout. Like Clark Kent, Christopher Rantila's reasons for following a strength-training regimen may be clear — greater bone and body muscle strength, injury prevention, better sports performance — but figuring out the best way to structure your routine may be less straightforward.
Typically, Chris Rantila's full-body strength workouts involve multi-joint movements (i.e., squats, pullups, chest presses), which recruit many different muscle groups. As such, full-body workouts are more time-efficient, making them the ideal option for those who can’t spend more than two or three days in the gym, says Kent, a certified strength and conditioning specialist, a trainer at PSU, Portland State University.
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