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Contemporary Dance

1863 Pond Road
Ronkonkoma , NY 11779
United States
631 7371964 (Main Phone)
Contemporary Dance
Contemporary Dance is an evolution from Classical Ballet. It breaks the rules of Classical Ballet and creates new ones of its own. It therefore has fewer restrictions, and can be seen as a fusion of many dances.
Contemporary dance is the exploration of the total movement potential of the body. It differs from commercial or competitive dance in that it is not bound by set standards, as well as defined styles such as ballet or Jazz dancc. Instead, it seeks to express a personalized vision, often through experimentation and collaboration for the development of new, more individualized approaches to the moving body and choreographic possibilitie So, in one single Contemporary Dance class, you may get to try out lots of different dances. You could find yourself dancing a routine that has elements of African dance, Tango, Salsa, Jazz, Ballet and so on. You name it, you’ll probably find it in a Modern Dance class.

In its sophistication it has developed many styles and techniques. The beauty of it is that it allows a freer dance, which can be initiated by music or by an internal theme or inspiration

Tuesday 4:30pm - children ages 9 - 11 years old
Tuesday 5:30pm - children ages 6 - 9 years old
Tuesday 6:30pm - Teen and Adult

Tuition - $20 per class or $65 per month

The Ballet Center
1863 Pond Road
Ronkonkoma, NY 11779
Call - 631-737-1964
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