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I am offering an original antique ENGLISH FIRE SIREN In the early 1800’s this basic unit (no horn) was developed as a double bellows air pump, which provided air to a Firefighter’s smoke helmet. The foot pedal was depressed to pump air into a second spring tensioned bellows, to keep a constant flow of air to the helmet. When a Firefighters went into confined areas (ship holds – mines - etc.), they had a lifeline attached and used a code based on pulls of this lifeline to communicate with the pump operator. These commands are indicated on the large brass “code of signaling” plate attached to the top of the pump. In the early 1900’s more efficient air sources were being developed, so the company designed and attached a large brass horn and marketed the unit as a Fire Siren. Assembled, this siren measures 27” long x 12” wide x 30” tall, and weighs 25 pounds. The manufacturer’s brass tag is still attached and signed “SIEBE GORMAN & Co Ltd”. Also, the serial number 1062 is stamped into the wood base. This company was originated in 1814 by Augustus Siebe who invented and patented the first smoke helmet and pump. The company became internationally well known for developing the first deep-sea helmet in the mid 1800’s. Based on the design, materials used, and quality this particular unit was likely built in 1941 or soon after. 1941 is the year their Lambeth District of London manufacturing plant was bombed so they moved to Chessington, Surrey. I added this unique item to my collection in 1980 and have enjoyed displaying it over the years. All the necessary maintenance has been done including treating the leather bellows to keep it as functional and original as possible. This unusual artifact is a prime example of innovative British Craftsmanship. Additional Nautical Items Available - Please Call Cliff @ 760-736-8101 For More Information.
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