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Flexible Partial Dentures

7 Cedar Terrace,
Vernon Township, NJ , AL 07462
United States
(973) 761-2940 (Main Phone)
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Dental implants are not an easy process to choose from. There are many choices presented by dentists, their comfortability, comfort, and prices vary, so it’s important to do some study and discuss with your dentist what the differences are before you choose one. It may be difficult to decide because natural teeth replacements will affect not just your smile appearance but the way you feel about wearing them.

What are Flexible Partial Dentures? A cast thermoplastic partial denture is mounted with invisible clasps around natural teeth. Partial dentures are not for everyone, though they would be perfect for those who still have some permanent teeth and are certain to keep them.

Dentures give you the ability to smile, laugh, eat and speak as if they were your natural teeth. You can remove flexible partial dentures anytime for cleaning or maintenance reasons. You can easily remove them whenever you feel like doing so. There are many more advantages to flexible dentures than just those mentioned here, so if you’re interested in learning more, make an appointment with one of our specialists to learn how you could benefit from them: (973) 761-2940.

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