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ID# 003005

Overflow/ Part-time Virtual Receptionist!

Orlando, FL 32801
United States
317 Virtual Services can provide you with a Virtual Receptionist and save you money! Do you need a receptionist to cover overflow calls, lunch, sick days, vacation time, or maternity leave? Forget hiring a temp. They are costly and training them requires someone in the company to stop doing what they need to do in order to get the temp up to speed.
317 Virtual Services Receptionists and Administrative Services is like having your own receptionist. We answer your calls, schedule your appointments and handle your day to day administrative needs! Forget the overhead, employee taxes, all the hassle!
Call us today to find out more about these and other professional office services that can save you money.
Alexis Daly
Main: 407 377 6813
Email: adaly@317group.com

Bilingual Receptionist: Fluent in English and Spanish

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