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ID# 101208

Pearl Powder For Knockout Beauty & Radiant Health

Joplin, MO 64801
United States
Pearls have longtime been the epitome of class, a symbol of purity and beauty. The shine of a pearl is often associated with it’s value and worth. Pearls are naturally radiant, lustrous and smooth. Now you can bring that same radiance to your skin and body with Pearl Powder. Pearls resonate with timeless beauty, but pearls are not only meant to be worn around your neck, now you can ingest them too!

Say what??!!! Yes, that is right you can wear your pearls AND eat them too.

Pulverized forms of pearl have been used for centuries both internally and externally. 100% genuine Pearl Powder is safe to consume internally and contains biologically active enzymes that promote healing to the skin. Therefore, making it an exceptional anti-aging beauty tonic. It is also a natural “love potion” and deemed an aphrodisiac powder for lovin’!

Whether you choose to ingest or use it topically, think of adding pearl powder into your routine as an easy beauty elixir.

Put a pinch into your morning coffee, juice or smoothie
Mix some into your day or night cream
Mix it with water or rosewater to create a luxurious facial mask
Dust a bit of pearl powder after your makeup to absorb any oil
Mix a bit in with your daily SPF to filter out UV rays
Dust a little over your face before bed and wake up to an even skin tone

So, my friends, if the world is your oyster and you are it’s pearl…Be the best darn pearl you can be!
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