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ID# 049309


VISTA, CA 92081
United States
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I am offering an original (not a reproduction) Pelorus-Drift Sight This instrument is designed to function either as a Pelorus, for taking bearings on objects, or for improving dead reckoning aircraft navigation. It consists of a small telescope extended vertically through the bottom of the aircraft with the eyepiece inside the navigator's station. A retile, consisting of spaced parallel lines, is rotated until objects on the ground are seen to be moving parallel to the lines. The angle of the reticle then indicates the aircraft's drift angle due to winds aloft, which can also be used to calculate ground speed. All the components are housed in the original dovetail pine case with slide-in top. The metal base plate assembly, with the manufacturer’s tag is attached, has had a wood base added for display purposes. The original “Instructions for Installation” and “Operation and Maintenance” are also included. This nautical artifact is a prime example of U.S. Navy Aeronautical history. Additional Nautical Items Available - Please Call Cliff @ 760-809-5720 For More Information.

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