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ID# 084513

TAFFRAIL LOG & CASE - Nautical - Antique Statute Mile John Bliss & Co. – USA

VISTA, CA 92081
United States
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I am offering an original (not a reproduction) early 1900s brass Patent Log. These mechanical devices were mounted on the boat’s taffrail (stern) connected by a towline to a rotor, which was drug through water. The register recorded the rotor’s revolutions and converted them into statute miles. After some research it is my understanding that this Log was built in New York after 1902. The unit includes the 7½”x 2¼” brass Register, 6“x 2½” brass Register Pull Bracket, 10’x ½” hemp Register Mounting Line, approximately 100 feet of ¼” braided Rotor Towline hooked to the Register, and a 9½”x 3” four fin brass Rotor. One fin on the rotor is signed; “John Bliss & Co” “USA PAT SEP 1778” “USA PAT APR 8.84” “USA PAT DEC 1.85” “ENG PAT DEC 1.85”. The Register has a 2¼” Face Plate signed as follows: “JOHN BLISS & Co” “TAFFRIAL LOG” ”PATENTED” “JUNE 6 1876” “SEP 17 1878” “APR 8 1884” “JULY 21 1885”. It has three statute mile dials (0<1) (1<10) (10<100). The face is covered with a glass window held by a 4”x 1¼” stainless steel bezel. Also the register body has a brass tag attached which reads “STATUTE MILES” and has “213” stamped into the butt end. All of the above components are housed in the included 20”x 7”x 4” stainless steel case featuring a hinged lid and a steel OSBORNE spring loaded latch, which was brass plated at one time. The original wood cases usually started to fall apart after several years of use, so this case is a very durable replacement. The Statute Mile logs were produced for use in fresh water and had limited sales compared to the Nautical Mile version built for salt water use. This rare 13 pound nautical artifact is a fine example of quality U.S. craftsmanship and is in excellent condition considering its advanced age. Additional Nautical Items Available - Please Call Cliff @ 760-809-5720 For More Information.
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