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ID# 023947

TELEGRAPH - Nautical - One Sided Brass Bridge Engine Order – DUTCH

VISTA, CA 92081
United States
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I am offering an original (not a reproduction) refurbished early 1900s one-sided mechanical Dutch Bridge Engine Order Telegraph. Using this devise, the “Officer of the Deck” transmitted orders, from the bridge to the engine room, changing the engine speed and/or direction. Based on this unit’s size and design, it was most likely mounted on a single screw large vessel. It measures 46” high (without the handle in the up position) and weighs approximately 70 pounds. The 11” diameter head is mounted on 31” tall cast brass stanchion (stamped 2 8994), which is bolted to a 15”x 3½” old hardwood base. The brass stanchion base had a 1”cut across the back side removed, which allows the unit to be mounted closer to a bulkhead. A clear glass viewing window covers the round 12½”x ¼” translucent white glass pane with black painted art work, which shows the nine commands available. Translated from Dutch to English they read: Three middle positions = [Center] "STOP" = STOP – [Left] "LETOP" = PAY ATTENTION – [Right] "ALKLAAR" = ALREADY FINISHED. The remaining six positions listed on each side and are divided into two groups, each with three identical commands, that read as follows: [Left Group] "VOORUIT" = GO AHEAD, which includes (from top to bottom) "VOL" = FULL - "HALF" = HALF - "LANCZAAM" = SLOW + [Right Group] "ACHIERUIT" = BACK, which includes (from top to bottom) "VOL" = FULL - "HALF" = HALF - "LANCZAAM" = SLOW. Also, the bottom edge is signed “A . 44 . B” which is most likely the model number. The glass face has several cracks and chips, but is still solid. When moving the handle, the attached pointer can be stopped at each position and the mechanical bell rings loud and clear when passing over each one. It appears that the lighting fixtures were added at some time in the past and light up the face nicely. The prior owner (USN Veteran) indicated that this Telegraph was removed from the German Oil Tanker "MOKTAN" during WWI. This nautical artifact shows extended sea duty and represents a unique piece of international maritime history. Additional Nautical Items Available - Please Call Cliff @ 760-809-5720 For More Information.
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