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ID# 069609

TELESCOPE on TRIPOD - Nautical - 28½” Brass Line Wrap 20X QM -GERMAN

VISTA, CA 92081
United States
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I am offering an original (not a reproduction) Quartermaster’s Telescope mounted on an old Wood/Brass Tripod. Telescopes of this type were used by the quartermaster detailed to steer the ship. Based on the design, quality, and materials used they were likely built in the mid-1900s. The spyglass measures 20½” closed to 28½” with the 6” draw tube and 4” sunshade fully extended. It has a 2” aperture (object end) and weighs 3 pounds. The single draw tube is signed: “G. HECHEKMANN, NACHF.” “HAMBURG” and the main tapered tube has been line wrapped at some time in the past. The hardwood tripod measures 34” closed and 62” extended plus an additional 4” available when the adjustable table mount is fully extended. This mount body is stamped “TRIPOD TYPE G”. The upper legs are hardwood while the extendible round brass legs are brass painted dark green, which indicates it was probably built for military use. The tripod has been fitted with a solid Brass Telescope Mount which is designed so the scope can be easily removed for hand-held 760-809-5720 For More Information.
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