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ID# 040210

Tile Insert Drain (5 inch) - Square Shower Drain

Austin, TX 78701
United States
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Tile Insert Drain (5 inch) - Easy to tile square shower drain.

Your tiles are square, so why not have a square shower drain cover to match? Installing round drains can be a difficult and time consuming endeavor due to all of the grinding that needs to be done to get your tile to fit around the drain. Eliminate all of that unnecessary work by installing this fantastic, stylish square tile insert shower drain.

This new Tile Drain is a unique patented design system that will make the drain virtually disappear with your tile or stone finish.

Full Color Selection Available: White - Clear - Tan - Beige

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Specifications: 5" Square Poly Resin Grate with 2" listed standard thread. Fits listed 2" threaded drain flange.

Installation :

Step 1: Leak Test - Plug 2" drain flange and fill shower pan with water to check for leaks.

Step 2: Drain Collar - Thread collar into 2" drain flange. Keep turning to desired elevation for finished surface.

Step 3: Sub base and Tile - Float sub base minus tile or stone 1% to 2% pitch to drain. Then set tile to finished surface of collar.

Step 4: Tile Drain

For best results use tape to cover grill on tile drain. Use thinset to set tile into tile drain tray and set tile to finished surface of the drain tray. When ready, grout and remove tape.
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