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Tile Leveling System | ATR Tile Leveling

New York, AL 13036
United States
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ATR Tile Leveling And Tile Alignment System

This Tile Leveling system is a 2 part system (Spacers And Spindles) and does not require the use of additional, expensive tools.

3 ready made kit sizes or costume order for individual quantities depending on the coverage areas.

The DIY Start-up Kit: 40 Cross Spacers, 20 Edge Spacers, 60 (Re-Usable) Spindles - For About 60 sq ft coverage area. only $49.99.

The DIY Kit: 150 Cross Spacers, 50 Edge Spacers, 100 (Re-Usable) Spindles - For 190 sq ft coverage area.

The ATR Pro 450: 450 Cross Spacers, 100 Edge Spacers, 200 (Re-Usable) Spindles - This kit is for about 500 sq ft coverage area.

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Go lippage free in your tile installation. Tiles that may seem perfectly leveled during installation, after the thinset cures, often show a difference in height which can compromise the aesthetics. Accurate tile setting requires perfect leveling of the tiles and it is often hard to properly set ungauged and thin tiles as well as larger and thicker tiles because of uneven floor foundations. This is the problem you can avoid with the ATR system - using the new ATR system you can quickly achieve a smooth leveled surface.


• Drastically reduces the need for grinding and polishing of surface.

• Reduces installation time and improving cost-effectiveness.

• Prevents tiles from moving while curing.

• With the ATR system you only need 1 cross spacing plate for 4 tiles NOT 4 Clips like every other leveling systems.

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