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Unleash the power of one dollar.

Bell Tower 55 Haley Ln. apt. 5.
Cheektowaga, N.Y., NY 14227
United States
716-668-0127 (Main Phone)
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The1DollarThing – Unleash the POWER of a Dollar!


Just one dollar, 4 quarters, 10 dimes, 20 nickels: change that you probably have in your pocket right now…..just $1 a month and your Good Work – “Following the Steps – will lead to a $7000+ monthly income!

This simple $1 a month “feeder” builds your “Team of 39 on levels 1, 2 and 3” and puts you in profit FAST – as “they” build their Teams of 39 (just 3 helping 3 helping 3 for just $1 a month) so that you can take upgrades from the Basic into the Emerald and Diamond matrix. Your Teams will “follow you” with their Team Builds. You do THIS with your “Earnings!”

$1 Dollar a month is “The ONLY Money” you – and the people you bring to business - will ever have to pay as you work towards earning over $7000 every month. And, if you follow me “Under the Umbrella of the Freeway Connection” we’ll earn an additional $47,500 a month with Our Teams of 39 and “their Teams” – with just some of our earnings from The1DollarThing!

All you have to do is “Follow the Steps!” 3 people helping 3 people helping 3 people. That’s Your Team of 39 – and when they build their Team of 39 for “just $1 a month” that’s w-a-a-a-y more than the 729 to fill your The1DollarThing matrix – and the “Money Happens!”

We have the “Game Plan” and we have “The Business!” Once More: Your Teams follow you into the Emerald and the Diamond upgrades with “their” earnings. Then – if you choose to do so - you hop into “The Freeway Connection” – again – with just “your earnings” – and your Teams follow you building toward that $47,500+ Monthly Paycheck.

You are NOT going to find another business opportunity that offers so MUCH for just SO LITTLE!

We’re in Decatur, Alabama USA 8 years STRONG! This opportunity is now being presented to the Global Community! So, the World is Your Oyster, so to speak!

Join The1DollarThing and make 2017 Your Break-Out Year! Heck – it’s just $1 a Month!

Who can say “NO” to that?
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